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Yogibo is a brand that transcends all boundaries. Anyone, young or old, can enjoy our brand’s innovative comfort. Anyone who steps into our stores gets enveloped by Yogibo’s unique charm. What’s the secret to our success? We aren’t just participating in a vast market, we are a brand that everyone genuinely loves!
Experience the charm of Yogibo and help us spread its greatness to the world. We will continue to make Yogibo a brand you love.

Our Journey

Our adventure began in 2009 when a small, creative team in Nashua, New Hampshire gathered to create an innovative and comfortable new product.

People immediately loved the soothing comfort of Yogibo, so we needed to find a place where it could be fully showcased. In 2010, we opened our first concept store in Natick, Massachusetts. Since then, we have grown to over 120 showrooms and online shops across the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and more.

When customers enter our stores, they are greeted by a vibrant array of our colorful products. Then, we use an interactive sales approach meant to help customers discover, try out, and relax with our products for an extended period of time.

Yogibo Store in USA

Yogibo’s products are functional, versatile, and life-adaptable. A Yogibo can comfortably seat anyone in schools, dormitories, art galleries, museums, conferences, homes, and just about anywhere else. The soothing comfort of a Yogibo can offer many sensory and health benefits. Our products are modular pieces that change with every use to meet all needs and adapt to every curve on your body. 


Our goal here at Yogibo is to help you feel a true sense of harmony within yourself, your space, and the people around you. We believe that when your mind and body are in a state of peace, you can rediscover your true self, and find joy even in the smallest moments. Enjoy supreme comfort in any space with Yogibo’s essentials!

Investing in retail stores might seem daunting, but our approach ensures that stores remain profitable by aiming for short-term returns on relatively low investments.

Yogibo Store in Korea
Yogibo Store in Taiwan

Our Stores

Yogibo stores are the ultimate destination for families, college students, and teenagers.

We make the customer’s experience our top priority. Whether you’re shopping for furniture, looking for gifts, or just unwinding from the stresses of the day, being in a Yogibo store means enjoying a uniquely enticing and stylish atmosphere unlike any other store.

Innovative and cutting-edge furniture awaits you at Yogibo. Our products combine fashion and intelligence to embody the interiors of the future.

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Join Us

Yogibo aims to spread our unique brand of soothing comfort. We believe in the vision of a stress-free world. To achieve this, we need your help.

We are looking for Exclusive License Distributors to join us as partners. This is not the same as a franchising opportunity. Unlike a franchise, you will have the mission of expanding the Yogibo brand nationally. There are still many people around the world who are unfamiliar with Yogibo so it will be your responsibility to spread awareness to customers in your area.

Simply opening a store is not enough to expand a brand. You must possess the skills and resources to comprehend and execute marketing and branding strategies. We are looking for companies that possess such capabilities and can rapidly expand Yogibo in their area.

If you believe you are the right fit, then we would love to talk with you. We look forward to a wonderful partnership.

Interested? Please contact us through this form. Let’s take the first step of this new adventure together.





Team REJECT is a professional esports team founded in 2018 with a focus on popular shooter games. They hold divisions for nine different titles, and they boast top achievements in mobile shooting games in Japan. Having participated in seven world championships, they are the most experienced 'PUBG MOBILE' division in Japan. After placing 8th in the international 'Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020’, REJECT had the highest global ranking of any Japanese team. They have even won the 'PUBG MOBILE JAPAN LEAGUE', the largest professional league in Japan, with a total prize pool of 300 million yen. REJECT is ranked first for earnings in Japan in 2021.


Mountain Riders


We have signed a team sponsorship contract with the All Japan Motocross Championship team "Mountain Riders". The Mountain Riders have a solid presence in the scene as the oldest team in the All Japan Motocross Championship and they consistently produce top riders. Their activities extend beyond Japan, participating in races and training exercises overseas. As a lifestyle brand and as their sponsor, we aim to bring a new and unprecedented wave to the motocross world and engage in initiatives that will invigorate the entire industry.


Pro Golfer Takumi Kanaya


We are a proud sponsor of professional golfer Takumi Kanaya! Kanaya set the record for the youngest winner of the Japan Amateur Golf Championship in 2015. Since then he has had an impressive amateur career with numerous outstanding achievements. His career turned professional in October 2020. Since going pro, he has become one of the highest viewed players of the latest generation of golfers. As Kanaya continues to excel in his career, Yogibo will continue to support his performance with our signature brand of soothing comfort.




We will be entering the "GT300" class of the "SUPER GT 2023" as a new team. The car we will be using is the "NSX GT3" and the team will compete under the name "Yogibo Racing." Yogibo Racing will feature a car with a vivid blue livery. The team has previously competed in "SUPER GT" in 2021 and then shifted its focus to the "GT World Challenge Asia" in 2022, continuing its quest for success. Misato Haga, who has led the team since the inception of Yogibo Racing, will continue to serve as the team director.

Sensory Room


Sensory rooms are safe, comfortable spaces for individuals with auditory or visual hypersensitivity. These rooms block out all loud noises, bright lights, and rowdy crowds so that sports fans who easily get overstimulated can still enjoy big events in a calm environment with their friends and family. While sensory rooms are becoming more common in sports stadiums in the west, awareness of sensory rooms remains low in Japan. Yogibo continues to promote and spread the concept of sensory rooms, striving to create a stress-free society where everyone can participate in sports and cultural events.

Discover Magical Comfort Perfected in Japan, Born in the USA
The Yogibo story began with the desire to relieve stress for a pregnant wife.

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